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Climbing Helmet

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Being the strongest helmet in the world, "Aegis plus"is the first climbing helmet to adopt TPU, EPP andPORON®XRD™ material. Its sturdy, durable quality and wide usage make it your best choice for mountaineering, climbing, high activities and all kinds of adventure sports.

TPU Shell
Thermoplastic polyurethanes
TPU boasts excellent shock resistance, good cushioning performance, high mechanical strength and bending strength, perfect wear-resistance and good elasticity. What’s more, its features, such as durable quality, aging resistance, ozone resistance and UV resistance, make it the favored choice in the aerospace industry. TPU material also possesses prominent cold resistance, which allows it to maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties when the temperature drops to 35℃ below the freezing point.
EPP Liner
Expanded polypropylene
The liner is made of EPP foaming material, which acts as a better compression buffer than normal EPS material. This makes the helmet stronger, lighter and more durable.
PORON®XRD™ Backing
PORON®XRD™ extreme impact protection material is the best material for extreme impact protection and for absorbing repeated impact. 90% of the energy by impact of high frequency can be absorbed.PORON®XRD™ can well adapt to the body shape and thus can disperse the energy caused by impacts.
Its impact absorption capacity can remain excellent over time.
> The ergonomic design can adapt to every head shape. The big adjusting knob allows convenient one hand operation even with climbing gloves on.
>The helmet has six large vents to reduce moisture and heat, ensuring more comfortable and clear-headed mountaineering experience.
> The slightly upward arched frontlines enlarges climber’s vision.
> Head lamp or snow goggles can be mounted to the slot on the helmet.

Tech Specifications
 Head circumference: XS-M: 48-57cm, M-XL: 53-61cm

Certification: CE1015 EN12492
Weight: 330g(M-XL)

Customer Reviews : Excellent

Average Rating : 5 Star

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