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When it comes to scaling the peaks, dangers are plenty. Although the mountains seem serene and gentle from a distance, the weather there is treacherous. The terrain can be downright unforgiving and to have someone accompanying you, who has been tested by the mountains time and again and have come victorious through and through, can be the greatest of advantages. Our guides, Sherpas and team leaders have years and years of experience in mountaineering, and understand the whims of Himalayas, as much as it’s humanly possible. Over the years, they have been trained to coordinate in a hostile terrain and take immediate actions. It is something a recently established, youth startups cannot offer. Less demanding adventures and activities also comes with their risk. But our staffs are always well prepared.

Latest News

SST/14Peak K2 Expedition Update : 15 Nepalis among 31 climbers stand a top Mt K2 in a single day

21 July Saturday 2018.Two months of hard work has finally paid off, team leader Sherpa reacted, adding that his expedition showed that a successful ascent was possible. All the climbers have now been descending to the lower camps, he informed.

Mount Everest avalanche:

Altogether 12 bodies have been recovered from the avalanche-hit area till this noon, and one body has been sighted buried in the snow.

Murders at Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Multiple news agencies and climbers posting dispatches are reporting that at least 11 climbers have been murdered at the Base Camp for Nanga Parbat (26,660’/8,126 m) in Northern Pakistan.

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  • 2 Night Ebc Stay

    The team arrival will have the champagne celebration at Everest base camp. Then you will be provided with a tent, mattress, sleeping bag for your logistic. You will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of the trek. There will be unlimited hot drinks coffee, tea and hot chocolate serve for you. In case of emergency, there will be oxygen in stock with the medical assistant. There you will be able to enjoy the night view and many more.

  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest base camp trek is a great introductory lodge trek that offer sensational mountain views and an insight into the lives of the Sherpa people.

  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    This is one of the most popular and famous trek in Nepal. It is more distinctive than any other treks due to its, rich culture, pleasant salient feature and natural scenery.

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    Kailash Backpacks is made by stretch, strong, wear-resistant fabric.The large capacity bring convenience for the transportation for your journey. Made by stretch, strong, wear-resistant fabric


    Alopias belay device is ultra-light and easy to use.Hot-forged aluminum alloy belay device, lightweight. Alopias belay device is ultra-light and easy to use.


    ASIA OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD WINNER Being the strongest helmet in the world, "Aegis plus"is the first climbing helmet to adopt TPU, EPP andPORON®XRD™ material. Its sturdy, durable quality and wide usage make it your best choice for mountaineering, climbing, high activities and all kinds of adventure sports.